ATM profitability

Profitability of the device: Cash amounts of 1.1% of the total money used in a month, of which 60% is deposited in the account of the owner of the device and 40% in the account of the operating bank. For example, if a daily amount of twenty million is taken from the device, a monthly profit of four to five million Tomans will be awarded.

For non-cash transactions, a fixed amount will be awarded: 50 Tomans for a balance, 300 Tomans for a card, 150 Tomans for a charge, 650-250 Tomans for a bill. The average monthly income is 500,000 to 1 million Tomans for non-cash transactions. It is cash.

Payment of monthly interest by the Central Bank on the basis of an unconditional contract will be credited to the account of the owner of the device on the first of each month without any deduction. The contract is concluded in triplicate between the customer, the company and the operating bank.

The device is finally delivered within a month. There is no problem in moving, returning and selling the device, in case of return, a small percentage will be deducted. Dimensions of the device: 1.1.1 meters.

Device requirements:



phone line

National Internet

Single phase electricity

Is the responsibility of the customer. Low power consumption and no phone costs and busy line.

Applicants to purchase a bank ATM (connected to the Shetab network) can apply with the following conditions.

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