Card-based services

Free withdrawal for capital and accelerator cards

Balance and balance of capital and acceleration cards

Access to all accounts connected to the capital card and perform banking transactions

Transfer of two-way and three-way money from card to card to all capital and acceleration cards

Transfer money from the card to the capital accounts and all other bank accounts in the country

Invoice for the last ten operations of capital and acceleration cards

Buy Irancell, Rytl and Hamrah Aval mobile phone recharge

Buy Irancell and Hamrah Aval direct charge

Change the first and second internet passwords of capital cards

Activate and deactivate the first and second one-time password of capital cards

Activation of the capital encryption program and production of the relevant QRCode to use the first and second one-time password of capital cards

Payment of bills of service companies (manually and through barcode reader)

Receiving public donations and charitable services

View the status of the customer facility and pay the facility installments

Payment of capital facility installments through accelerated cards

Ability to use account, card and network information registered in the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking section of Sarmayeh Bank when performing a money transfer transaction on ATMs and adding new information to this list

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