Security of ATMs

Just like spending control, caution and paying attention to ATM security is one of the most basic principles of keeping money.

Given that the ATM is very easy to use, we are distracted from the dangers of using it.

It is possible to misuse a debit card, and before we know it, the cameras and keyboard readers have stored the password.

10 Important Tips About Bank Pass Security That You Forget

In this section, we have given 10 tips for the security of ATMs when receiving money:

1- Look at your bank card like cash.

If you lose your card, report it immediately to the bank to have your card blocked.

2- Make sure your password is secure.

Never tell anyone your password or write it down.

If you want to choose your password, do not choose numbers that are easy to guess.

3- Try to do your job in the shortest possible time when using the ATM.

Know in advance what you are going to do and practice all the steps.

For example, “I want to get a balance and then withdraw 40,000 tomans from my account.”

Have your card available so you don’t have to worry about finding it in your bag when you get to the device.

Do not count your money until you reach a safe place away from the device.

4- For the security of the bank teller, never leave the receipt on the device.

Receipt information can be used to collect information and impersonate you.

Tear your receipt after reading.

5. Make sure the ATM is not “weird”.

There are many ways to defraud through an ATM.

They attach a device, much like an ATM, to record your card information and password.

If the card reader of the ATM has an unusual shape, use another machine.

6- At night, be sure to use devices that have enough light and are clearly visible from the street.

If there is not enough light around the device or there are devices around it that endanger the security of the ATM, use another device.

In this case, report the status of the device to the bank.

7- When you receive the money, it does not mean that the risk has been eliminated.

If you feel you are being chased, go to the police station or the fire station or the crowded and bright shops and call the police.

8- If there is a queue behind you when using the device, prevent the keyboard from being seen when entering the password with your body and hands.

This will help keep the ATM safe.

9- If you use an ATM that you can work with without getting out of the car.

Make sure the car doors are locked and all windows are high except for the one you are using.

10. If you see unusual performance of the device during the transaction, cancel the transaction.

Pick up your card and leave.

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