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Akband PAX card reader | Model S58 (fixed and mobile)

1,689,500 تومان

Fixed card reader PAX-S80 refer

1,199,000 تومان

Hyosung 5600 ATM

Mobile Stoke Card Reader newpos 7210

3,379,000 تومان

Mobile Stoke Card Reader NEXGO G3

1,656,800 تومان

NCR 5887 ATM

38,150,000 تومان

Pax A910 store terminal

4,883,200 تومان

Pax S90 Stoke mobile card reader

2,452,500 تومان

Pax s910 new store terminal

3,215,500 تومان
Items available:10

PAX Stoke Card Reader | Model S58 (fixed and mobile)

1,362,500 تومان

Pax Stoke store terminal model pax s910 refer

2,779,500 تومان
Items available:10

Pax Touch Store Terminal Model A930

5,929,600 تومان

Tusan Techno Store Terminal Model D210 Type G

3,825,900 تومان

Verifone 675 mobile card reader-reader

Verifone 680 mobile card reader-reader